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If you are an experienced Archer, Hunter or Competitor, we have good news for you.
This device will maximize your accuracy, and minimize an almost forgotten variable by shops, factories, and the by most of the general archery community. 

Our technology accounts for gravity which is a major factor of all other processes that will never determine this quest with such precision.

Archery Pro Shops now will be able to offer this procedure to customers, generating extra revenue,  but most importantly giving out the best accuracy and grouping of every dozen arrows or shafts tuned or sold!


After your arrows (shafts) pass through our patented process, all of them will be synchronized and will now bend at the same direction when released, as the weak spine of each arrow will be positioned identically when each shot is executed.


Now you have a perfectly tuned dozen to give your best in every distance.


When all the X-pined arrows are now shot through your bow, they will behave identically, exherting the same pressure on the string, rest, or button/plunger, in case you are shooting recurve!!! giving the whole exercise of shooting unmatched repeatability.


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